Drinking 2 to 9 cups of coffee will help you prevent this type of cancer!

A single day will not be as good as it can be without having a nice cup of coffee. Cappuccino, latte, Robusta, arabica, espresso, name it! Coffee will always be someone’s staple drink, energy booster, or mood changer no matter how sweaty or gloomy every day is. 

Check out these highest paying jobs in the US for 2021

When we hear of the US, as in the United States of America, we smell blissful and greener pastures. Why? Because we all know that the salary it can give in various jobs is competent and way better than what our own country can offer to us. 

Science agrees: Woman’s instinct is always right

As they say, do not underestimate a woman’s instinct. They have a very strong intuition to the point that you will think they have this one of a kind “psychic” ability. They conclude and interpret things way different from men. They can easily catch on and predict what will happen next. They can also urgently feel that something wrong is going on.

Don’t sleep to much, it’s bad for your brain, science says

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One common knowledge that most people are aware of is the fact that we need an eight hours of sleep everyday to maintain our health. However, regardless of this information, many are still quite unsatisfied when they only have eight hours of sleep especially whenever they’ve gone on a long tiring day. As an end result, they tend to sleep longer than the average sleeping time suggested by the experts.

Experience fun and adventure nearby your home in Lakeshore Pampanga

It’s been how many months now since we were forced to stay at our home since the COVID-19 pandemic. And up to this time, it is still difficult and quite fearful to jump from one province to another just to experience genuine fun and adventure with nature. That is why we understand that many people, especially those natural-born “biyaheros” , are sad and disappointed with the current situation just the way I and my friends do.

5 winning tips on how to hit lotto jackpot in the Philippines

Everyday, thousands of Filipinos try their luck by playing a lottery in various lotto outlets across the country.  In every P20 they spent on buying a lotto ticket, entailed is the dream of becoming one of the instant millionaires, or billionaires rather, around the globe. But how will that ambitious dream be turned into a reality when the probability of them getting hit by lightning is much higher than winning a lotto?

Frequently asked questions about the national ID in the Philippines

With the government’s aim to provide valid identity proof and to better deliver services to all its people, it passed a national ID system for all Filipinos around the world and foreigners residing permanently in the Philippines under Republic Act No. 11055 also known as Philippine Identification System Act. 

3 clever ways on how to grow your P1,000 this year in the Philippines

With all the financial struggles that we have been into, we can't help but to think of other means so we can earn enough money and grow our savings in the easiest and fastest way possible.

What’s in it for you? Check out your horoscope prediction for 2021

Let go of all the negativities that 2020 has given in your life and graciously welcome the new year 2021. Feng shui experts say that 2021, as the year of the metal ox, is packed with positivities, blessings, solutions, and success to all zodiac signs.