Drinking 2 to 9 cups of coffee will help you prevent this type of cancer!

A single day will not be as good as it can be without having a nice cup of coffee. Cappuccino, latte, Robusta, arabica, espresso, name it! Coffee will always be someone’s staple drink, energy booster, or mood changer no matter how sweaty or gloomy every day is. 

However, due to the fact that it contains caffeine, its health impacts have always been controversial. As a matter of fact, there are a  lot of articles online that urge one to stop or at least limit his or her consumption of coffee because it can do something strange to the body resulting in headache, insomnia, irritability, and palpitation. Because of these, many are forced to leave their cup of coffee behind.

But, guess what? We actually found a lot of previous and recent studies that prove that drinking not just one or two but more cups of coffee is not a bad thing at all. Why? Because it has just been concluded by experts that coffee may help prevent prostate cancer.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a common type of cancer that is usually acquired by men. It occurs in the prostate of the body, a walnut-shaped gland which secretes seminal fluid responsible in nourishing and transporting sperms. In most cases, prostate cancer spreads slowly and it may only need little or no treatment at all. However, men who have aggressive prostate cancer, the one that rapidly spreads, may have to undergo surgeries or hormone therapy.

Women can also be diagnosed with prostate cancer but the chances are very rare. When women develop this type of cancer, it means that it originated in their skene’s gland, a female reproductive part that is equivalent to the prostate gland of men.

Does coffee really prevent prostate cancer?

Researchers may not be 100% sure but based on their thorough investigations, coffee could really be linked to lesser chances of men developing prostate cancer. As a matter of fact, just this 2021, a team of Chinese scientists who collected and reviewed about 16 studies focusing on the relation of coffee and prostate cancer just published their results. With over one million participants who were men, they found out that every cup of coffee reduces 1% risk of acquiring prostate cancer. Moreover, they have also estimated that those who drink two to nine cups of coffee regularly have cut down their chance of getting localized prostate cancer by 7%; 12% for  advanced prostate cancer and; 16% for fatal prostate cancer.

Older studies would even suggest that six or more cups of coffee every day will help men have 20% of not developing the disease regardless if they have their drink caffeinated or decaffeinated.

But how does coffee work to prevent prostate cancer?

Clinical studies suggest that scientists still have a lot of work and exploration to do to determine how coffee can lower the risk of acquiring prostate cancer. Several investigations or research have yet to be conducted to fully understand coffee’s components and underlying mechanism to the body. But right now, experts have already an idea that coffee has cancer-fighting abilities because of kahweol acetate and cafestol. These two components can slow the growth or spread of cancer cells in the prostate gland hence the conclusion that coffee can help prevent prostate cancer.

Additionally, coffee is also known to have a lot of antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, that can halt damages and inflammation on cells thus certain diseases can be prevented by just drinking it.

Is there a proper way of preparing coffee to effectively prevent prostate cancer?

Experts do suggest preparing a coffee without filtering it. This is because, when coffee is being filtered, its anti-cancer components kahweol acetate and cafestol are being trapped on the filter paper losing their way down to your cup and to your body. So it is better to just heat it up or boil.


Since the claim is science-based, it might be a good thing to try to drink more coffee to prevent prostate cancer. But when you do, you must have to pay a  lot of attention to your body because it might react differently with the too much caffeine you have from drinking coffee. Remember, having too much is not always good. It is better if you consult your doctor first so you would know what is best for you.


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