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Thank you for visiting This site is owned by a pair of Filipino writers who aim to share their creative thoughts through writing. They also wish to deliver substantial stories and factual news to every Filipinos as they continue their venture in blogging. Get to know them better below!




E-Filwriter is a nursing student who once became a very active journalist in their school. She hates being known so hid herself with the name E-Filwriter. Since she is in the field of medicine, she wishes to advocate good health and good lifestyle to  everyone by debunking myths and spreading truthful information in various health topics. Aside from that, she wishes to share her ideas when it comes to entertainment and feature stories.




E-FilEditor is a computer engineering student. Just like E-FilWriter, he is also not fond of being known so he came  up with the name E-FilEditor. He loves everything about technology and has a very good understanding about sports. He also loves being updated with local and international news and he hopes that everyone would also have interest too that is why through blogging he promised himself to share factual and substantial news to our beloved readers. He is the one responsible for the technical aspect of the site including editing thus the name E-FilEditor.

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