#IponChallenge2021: 5 savings challenges you can try to save more next year

New year is fast approaching and the majority of us probably came up already with a new resolution. Surely, due to the huge expenses we have from shopping, travelling, and eating in the previous years, one of our resolutions is to save more money. However, to save is easy to say but is actually a difficult task for all of us. It massively requires sacrifices and self-discipline. So how do you think we can successfully save money in the coming year?

Tips on how to retire and enjoy life as early as 30 in the Philippines


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To live comfortably, travel, and enjoy life to its fullest without the stress and hassle of going to work regularly is what many of us desire. But we do not want to wait for so long and make this happen when we are already old and gray.

Should we be worried with the new strain of coronavirus found in the UK?

It is more than a year ago when a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus burst in Wuhan, China. Many lives have been affected and even lost because of how deadly it can be. 

What God wants us to be during this holiday season amid pandemic

Many of us get excited for the Holiday season. Surely, it is not only the children who become eager to open and receive gifts from their friends, godmothers, and loved ones. Even adults get enthusiastic to celebrate their holidays with their family or whoever they want to be with. 

Feng Shui 2021: Solutions and success awaits us all next year

The year 2020 has been a tragic period for us all. Many lives have been wasted and sacrificed because of various conflicts, misunderstandings, irresponsibility, and negligence. 

Meet the top 10 richest Filipinos based on Forbes 2020 rich list

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Last September, Forbes released their annual list of top 10 richest people in the Philippines. 
Some were retained on their positions since last year while others found their new place in this year’s list.

List of countries starting to accept OFWs despite COVID-19 pandemic

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With the massive effect of COVID-19 pandemic in the economy and jobs particularly in the Philippines, many might consider this disaster as a major reset in their life. Due to the  closure of many of the establishment and cutting down of employees many went home jobless for how many months now.

Ready to cry and laugh more? Check out these upcoming k-dramas in 2021

Korean wave is not yet over  and it will never be, I guess. With their inspiring stories, jaw-dropping plot twists, and dazzling characters, one will surely be captivated even in just one glance. 

Stevia, guilt-free sugar substitute for diabetes and weight control

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When it comes to sweets, some people would just find it hard to say no. Meal after meal, many would just like to consume something sweet like ice cream, chocolate or candy for dessert especially when they are outside of their homes.