5 winning tips on how to hit lotto jackpot in the Philippines

Everyday, thousands of Filipinos try their luck by playing a lottery in various lotto outlets across the country.  In every P20 they spent on buying a lotto ticket, entailed is the dream of becoming one of the instant millionaires, or billionaires rather, around the globe. But how will that ambitious dream be turned into a reality when the probability of them getting hit by lightning is much higher than winning a lotto?

Well, many have already spent a lot of money in placing a bet in a lotto game and there are already some who gave up their hope of becoming wealthy in a single lotto draw. That is why, we are happy to share with you now our five useful tips to increase your chances of winning the jackpot prize.

1. Start playing now

There are people who ridiculously wish to win lotto jackpot prizes when they do not even play even just a single game. If you are one of them we highly encourage you to start playing now so you can also begin doubling your chances of becoming instantly wealthy.

If you do not know how to play, do not be afraid. There are actually a lot of sources on the internet that could teach you on how to play a lotto game in the Philippines. The steps and mechanics are pretty simple; nothing much complicated for you to be confused.

2. Randomly pick your numbers; do not follow  advised combinations

There is so much advice on the internet on how you should pick your number in playing a lotto game. Most of them would  say that you should always have an odd-even, even-odd, high and lows combination when you place your bet. However, based on statistics, the majority of the individuals who landed on the jackpot prize have their numbers picked randomly. That is why, experts suggest that if you want to increase your chance of winning in the lottery, you must randomly choose your number and do not follow any crazy combinations you see on the internet because in this way you are also reducing the probability of sharing the jackpot prize with others if ever you hit it.

If you are having a hard time choosing numbers randomly, then you could use the computer-generated numbers available in PCSO outlets or just use the number randomizers accessible online.

3. Standard picked your numbers and used them repeatedly 

When you choose standard pick in playing lotto, that means you are going to personally choose your numbers that you want to bet. You could either pick your birthday or your loved ones’ special day, the important and lucky dates in your life, or your wedding anniversary. You could really be as sentimental as you want if you think this will influence your luck of winning the jackpot prize. And then, make sure to use them over and over again until you win.

We know that mathematicians would refute this advice because whenever there is a lotto draw each number would actually have an equal chance of getting picked. This means using standard pick and sticking with your numbers in each bet would not increase your chance of winning. But did you know that based on the record of PCSO in 2014, about 80 percent of people who landed in the jackpot prize chose their number personally and only 20 percent randomly picked numbers. Now, it’s up to you which way would you follow.

4. Play regularly or buy more tickets

Winning a lotto in just one single bet only happens miraculously. If you really want to increase your chances of taking home millions of money, then you also have to buy more tickets and play not only once or twice but regularly.

Expert players and those who already won also spent a lot of time and money purchasing lotto tickets before bagging prizes. Most of them started from small winnings before they landed to the jackpot prize and that could also happen to you. You just have to be patient and hopeful in every bet. However, it does not mean that you have the financial capability, you will have to buy hundreds of lotto tickets every time you want to play the game. Bear in mind that discipline must still be at your phase so that you won’t get bankrupt at the end. Just set a budget for your game every month.

5. Play with a positive attitude

Always remember the law of attraction. In your every purchase, be optimistic enough that in the next draw you will be the next winner. Yes, you really have to claim it so it will come to you. In this life, nothing is impossible. And as they say, great things will not happen if you have nothing but fear and negativity in your mind. 

If you have a good mindset whenever you play a game, you will always have the energy to buy a ticket again and increase your chances over and over again.


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