Check out these highest paying jobs in the US for 2021

When we hear of the US, as in the United States of America, we smell blissful and greener pastures. Why? Because we all know that the salary it can give in various jobs is competent and way better than what our own country can offer to us. 

This 2021, many would really aim to land their feet in the US. Surely, there are a lot of workers right now who are eagerly looking for a job in that country to start afresh. Thus, to help them out with their job hunting, we listed below the top five highest paying jobs in the US this 2021 that they may consider applying for as an expat.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Careers

Those who work in the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology or I.O. Psychology are usually bound to work in the human resource department of a company or institution where they will have to observe employees and their environment so they could measure job satisfaction and performance, and organizational development. Their job may also include suggesting and conducting employee training, performance evaluations, and practices and techniques when hiring people for the company. 

When you enter I.O Psychology Careers, some of the jobs that you can have are being a human resource manager, a workforce insight analyst, a professional business development consultant, an organizational effectiveness manager, an executive coaching, or a team development manager.

The earnings of I.O. Psychologists in the US depend on their position and the size of the company that they work for. However according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019,  their  median salary reached $111,150 annually. This could be lower down to $48,000 if you are working in a private sector. 

Computer and Information System Manager  

Computer and information system managers or commonly referred to as ITs are very essential in a workplace. Entailed to their job is to coordinate, plan, and direct computer-related activities within an organization in a company or institution. They also secure systems, manage other computer professionals, and give valuable insights for important decision making as long as the matter is related to their field of work.

On average, their annual salary in the US is around $125,000 based on a BLS report in 2019. But then again, salaries vary depending on the positions, and company or institution that offers the job. Just for an instance, IT managers who work in colleges, can earn up to $103,000 every year while those who are at universities can be paid around $156,000.

Marketing Manager

One of the roles that marketing managers do is to be updated with the new changes, researches, strategies, and developments happening in the marketing world. This is important because they will also be held responsible in promoting and positioning a product or service that a company would like to offer to its valued customers. Aside from that, they are also usually tasked to evaluate the performance of the employees, organize staff training, and do job hiring.

Last 2019, BLS showed that the annual median pay of marketing managers was approximately $129,000. By year 2028, because of the competent salaries and demand in the marketing world, the number of employees in this field is said to inflate based on job outlook.

Natural Sciences Manager

As we all know, managers’ primary work is to supervise but what does a natural sciences manager direct. Well to answer the question simply, natural sciences managers manage the works of scientists including biologist, chemist,  physicist, and more. They supervise research and development-related activities such as quality and quantity control, testing, and product production. It is true that most of the time they work inside the laboratory but there are also instances when they go out and explore to assist and study interesting things that science can explain and solve.

In the US, natural sciences managers can expect an annual salary of $121,900 according to a US BLS report in 2019. Although the salary is huge and inviting, the forecast only sees a minimal growth in the number of natural sciences managers by the year 2028.

Architectural and Engineering Manager

Architectural and Engineering managers are often seen in laboratories, construction sites, industrial plants, or simply in their office. They supervise engineers and architects by reviewing and approving any project proposals they have. They also develop wise concepts for a new product, solve problems, propose budgets for programs and projects, choose staff, and identify necessary training and equipment in a particular course of work. 

BLS 2019 report says, architectural and engineering managers receive $144, 830 every year in the US. If you wish to apply as one, well you better do a great job because competition here is very strong. 

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