Science agrees: Woman’s instinct is always right

As they say, do not underestimate a woman’s instinct. They have a very strong intuition to the point that you will think they have this one of a kind “psychic” ability. They conclude and interpret things way different from men. They can easily catch on and predict what will happen next. They can also urgently feel that something wrong is going on.

Thus, when you are torn between two decisions in life or you want to draw conclusions on what the consequences would be, you better seek advice from women because whenever words come out from their mouth, in one way or another, they turn into a reality. Majority of the people would surely agree with this but considering the world of science, what do you think it has to say with this magical instinct all women have?

Well, to tell you frankly, even science admits that a woman’s instinct is always right and here are the three primary reasons why.

Women read emotions and facial expressions better

Science says that women are way better at reading emotions and facial expressions than men that is why they have a powerful instinct compared to them. In a study led by the University of Cambridge, researchers conducted a test to 90,000 participants. These participants were asked what emotion do people feel by only showing their eyes through a photograph. The results then showed that women outmatched men in the test because the majority of them have answered correctly. The researchers really saw a significant difference between men and women’s ability to read emotions. However, they are unable to identify why women outweigh men when it comes to this. 

Another study cited by Psychology Today also states that more than emotions, women are also finer in interpreting non-verbal cues that is why they also have a wiser instinct. They perfectly notice and observe the actions or characteristics of people like the clothes they wear, their tone of voice, laughter, eye movements, body contact, or hand gestures. By just simply looking at something, they create meaning.

Women often express themselves better than men

The science of psychology also believes that women have exceptionally good instincts because they are usually the one who have the guts to express their feelings and emotions better towards other people compared to men. As we all know, men just simply put up a blank or poker face or easy going attitude no matter how they feel whereas women easily reveal their emotions may it be through their clothes, actions, or tone of voice. 

The logic that studies want to share is that, the more people express and acknowledge their emotions, the more they recognize other people’s emotions too. Thus, women can discern what other people might think or feel. They can interpret other people's actions and expressions easily because they themselves personally experience and do the same thing too. 

Women are more empathetic

According to history, a form of social science, women are very much abused and oppressed during the ancient times to the point that they began developing their sense of empathy. During their hardest times in history, they were forced to be more reliant on the nonverbal cues for survival. They were compelled to actively familiarize and observe people’s behaviors, moods, reactions, voice, and even small body movements so that they could communicate and protect themselves.

 With this, they became more aware and understanding of various emotions and actions thus they were called empathetic. Because of this sense of empathy, women were able to develop sensitivity with what people around them show. Thus, they are capable of reading and interpreting other people easily which we now call as an “instinct.”


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