Experience fun and adventure nearby your home in Lakeshore Pampanga

It’s been how many months now since we were forced to stay at our home since the COVID-19 pandemic. And up to this time, it is still difficult and quite fearful to jump from one province to another just to experience genuine fun and adventure with nature. That is why we understand that many people, especially those natural-born “biyaheros” , are sad and disappointed with the current situation just the way I and my friends do.

However, just a few days ago, we discovered a place that greatly satisfied our “wandering soul.” We found this place in Pampanga called The Lakeshore that many people are posting about in various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We were allured with how beautiful it is based on the photos circulating online so we decided to go there to personally witness and experience the “joy” and ”relaxment” it offers according to people. 

Well, to tell you frankly, when we get there, the place literally wowed us with its refreshing atmosphere. The “fun” and “adventure” that people who went there are referring to are indeed legit. That is why we are happy to share with you now some of the details of the place so you can also have a quick and enjoyable getaway not so far away from your home.

What is “The Lakeshore” and where it can be found?

The Lakeshore is actually a real estate situated in KM 71 North Luzon Expressway, Mexico,  Pampanga. Yes, it is not a public park or tourist destination as what you think but primarily a business that offers houses and lots to people. According to its official website, it is actually the first master-planned community in the Philippines to provide luxurious lakeside experience to its residents. It has 250 hectares of prime land with a fascinating 12 hectare man-made lake where people could enjoy outdoor activities while having a nice view of a Mediterranean themed village.

What are the activities you can do in The Lakeshore?

There are actually numerous activities that you can do in The Lakeshore however a lot of them are  only exclusive for its residents. Unfortunately, we are not sure about the activities that are allowed for the residents but prohibited to the outsiders. The only thing that we can guarantee is the fact that picnic and unlimited picture taking in their instagrammable place is allowed for everyone. Staff would only ask you to pay P200 if they find you having a picnic in their picnic grounds. There are also tree houses and swings where you can be childish as you want. Additionally, there are a lot of benches available in the place just in case you just want to rest and savor the  refreshing air. There are also separate toilets for male and females open for the public.

As far as we also know, fun adventures like fishing, boat riding/pedal boating, swimming, kayaking, camping, cycling and jogging are possible to be done in their area. Celebrations or events can also be catered on their huge tent, church, restaurants, and other amenities. But then again, we are not confident to say if these are affordable to the public.

Is the entrance free?

Entrance is absolutely free of any fee. Once you reach the entrance gate you have  to stop for a while because a guard would ask your whereabouts and your reason for visitation. And then, you just have to tell them that you just want to take some pictures or roam around the lakeshore. The guard would then ask you to leave any ID in exchange for an entrance pass. If you would go there as a group, only one of you must give an ID. Don’t worry because your ID will surely be taken back to you once you exit the gate with the entrance pass. 

However, because of the  pandemic, children aged 16 years and below and elderly who’s 60 and above are not allowed to enter the place. If you arrived with a car or any vehicle, the guard would surely inspect inside. You also have to make sure that you are wearing a mask and a face shield. 

How far is it and how we should get there?

Of course the answer on “how far is it” would depend on your place of origin. But if we were going to base the distance from Manila as the starting point, that would be 69.9 kilometers and you would approximately spend 1 hour and 17  minutes of traveling. However, if you are from Balintawak your travel would only require about 35 minutes of your time. On the other hand, if you would come from SM City Pampanga and Robinson Starmills Pampanga, you would only be 5 minutes away from it.

If you are only commuters, then from SM City Pampanga you have to head to the intersection. From there you must ride a jeepney going to Angeles and ask the driver to drop you in Sindalan where you will ride a tricycle until you reach the Lakeshore main gate. On the other note, if you are in Mexico proper, you have to ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are heading to Lakeshore. He will drop you then at Lakeshore Sebitanan Gate 2.

Our important reminder

We must be thankful for places like The Lakeshore for welcoming and allowing the public to enjoy the beauty of their place. As a return, may we not forget that the place is beyond our territory so we must be mindful enough not to destroy their stunning features by damaging their facilities or properties and leaving our trash anywhere. May we not also forget that we are still in the pandemic so we still have to practice precautionary measures like wearing facemask, face shield and maintaining social distancing. It is okay to enjoy, but we must enjoy responsibly. 

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