'Pamilya mo ang may utang': Mystica blames Kris Aquino's parents for her father's death


Actress and former singer Mystica has trended again online after cursing and throwing strong accusations against Kris Aquino and her parents regarding his father's death.

Last March 21, Kris, the "Queen of all Media" released a tell-all video addressing all the controversies throwed to her and her family, particularly to her children.

In the said video, Kris claimed that the Filipino people owe their freedom that they have today because of her late father Benigno Aquino Jr. 

This prompted Mystica to strongly react and reveal that his father died because of the manipulation of Kris's parents.

"Ang kapal mo namang sabihing ang nanay at tatay mo ibinuwis ang buhay para sa Pilipinas. Hindi mo ba alam na kami ang nagbuwis ng buhay nung nandun kami sa Edsa," said Mystica.

"Kung hindi dahil sa pamilyang Aquino, hindi sana ako nawalan ng ama," she added.

However, Mystica did not elaborate well how his father died because of the Aquino's. Instead, she keeps on saying that she wants to win over Kris as the "Queen of Drama."