#IponChallenge2021: 5 savings challenges you can try to save more next year

New year is fast approaching and the majority of us probably came up already with a new resolution. Surely, due to the huge expenses we have from shopping, travelling, and eating in the previous years, one of our resolutions is to save more money. However, to save is easy to say but is actually a difficult task for all of us. It massively requires sacrifices and self-discipline. So how do you think we can successfully save money in the coming year?

Well, one of the most helpful things to effectively save money is by entering money challenges. Why? Simply because it would provide you a pattern, and a schedule when to keep money. It will help you more envision how much money you want to save at the end of the week, months, and even a year. Basically, it would help you become organized in managing your money and building your savings.

There are a lot of money challenges  online but for you I listed five of them which are proven to be effective based on people who already tried it.

The no-spend challenge

This challenge is indeed very challenging because you have to refrain from spending too much money even in your groceries to achieve your goal of cutting your expenses as much as you can. 

The rule of this challenge can vary from one person to another but to kick this off, you have to buy your needs, stock foods in your refrigerator and pantries, and pay your bills ahead of time and then do not spend at all in the following weeks or months. 

Like for example, if you want to start this challenge in January, you have to buy all your necessities and settle all your bills this December. So when January comes, you  do not have to buy and pay anything. You have to avoid shopping, restaurants, groceries, convenience stores, and anything that could trigger you to spend money for a month. And then repeat the cycle until you unknowingly saved so much money.

Yes, it may sound impossible but you would not now if it will help you in saving money unless you try.

The 52-week challenge

This is perfect for people who want to start saving slowly. Basically, the rule in this challenge is that you have to save money, regardless of the amount, every week to complete the 52 weeks which actually equate to one year. 

If you are going to start  this in January, you can save P100 in the first week, and then another  P100 in the second week and the following weeks. In December, if you are consistent with it, guaranteedly you can have P5,200 in total which is not quite bad to enjoy your holidays or start another new year.

If you want it to be more challenging, then you can start by saving P50 in the first week and then increase it by P50 like P100 pesos in the second week, P150 in the third week and so on.

The higher the amount of money you save every week, of course, the higher you’ll get at the end of the year.

The 365-day challenge

This challenge is somewhat similar to the 52-week challenge but the difference is that instead of saving money every week, you save money everyday. The twist is that you have to double or add up any amount to the money that you save everyday.

Just for an instance, if you save P20 on the first day, you have to double it on the second day so you will have P40 which you will double again on the following day. 

If you don’t want this challenge to be done that way, then you can just add any amount to the money that you want to save. Like for example, if you save P20 today you can increase it by P10 daily. 

It is really up to you how you can make this challenge easy but rewardful for you.

No vices challenge

Vices are bad and most of the time the culprit why we spend so much money without us knowing. 

In this challenge, you will be hitting two birds in one stone because you will be able to avoid yourself from vices and at the same time save money for future use. Everytime you think of buying your vices, may it be a cigarette, alcohol, milktea, or anything that you can consider as your vices, you have to refrain from doing so and just keep your money in your piggy bank. Like for example,  if you want to buy a milk tea which costs P150, you have to hold back yourself and just keep that P150 as your savings instead.

If you think you can’t do  it, then just change the rules into this: Everytime you buy your vices you have to save money similar to the amount of money you spent. Just for an instance, if you buy an alcohol for P70, you have to save P70 as well or double it to make it challenging for you.

The Spare Money Challenge

Among all the challenges, I think this one is the most easy. All you have to do is to keep all your spare change for the whole year. The rule of course is in your hands. You can decide whether you will save all the coins and bills you got as a change or just the coins alone no matter how much they are.

You can actually add a twist on this. You can just keep the five or 10 peso coins and all the P20  or P50-change you got and spare the other bills. The beauty of this challenge is that you would not  be pressured everyday or every week with the amount of money you have to save because you just have to keep all the change you have anytime.


When saving money, you must have no hesitations. Trying the challenges that were mentioned to save money won’t cause any harm to you. But bear in mind that these will only be effective and successful if you adhere to the  set rules. Discipline will always be the key.

Start thinking now which challenge will best help you save money and goodluck to you on your saving journey!

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