Tips on how to retire and enjoy life as early as 30 in the Philippines


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To live comfortably, travel, and enjoy life to its fullest without the stress and hassle of going to work regularly is what many of us desire. But we do not want to wait for so long and make this happen when we are already old and gray.

As much as possible, we want to be free and do everything that we want at an early age. It is too frustrating to think of ourselves still grinding and following commands from our grumpy bosses instead of managing our own life outside a workplace. It may sound ridiculous, but it is true that many of us want to retire as early as 30. However, the question is, is that even possible in a country like the Philippines?

According to study, the traditional retirement age of Filipinos is 60. Actually, there is no specific retirement age in the Philippines but under the Philippine Labor Code passed in the senate, the mandatory retirement age is at least 60 years but not over 65 years old.

What does this mean? Well, it is just as clear as crystal that one can retire even if they are not yet reaching the age of 60. But what does it take to retire early? 

To help you with that, here are some tips that you can follow so you can fulfill your dream of retiring and enjoying your life as early as 30.

Have a retirement plan

Of course, in everything we do, planning will always be the key. If you want something, even if that is an early retirement, you have to start by planning.

A retirement plan includes several strategies on how you can save, invest and prepare for the life that you want once you retire. If you browse the internet, you would likely see a lot of retirement plans. You can check on them one by one and decide which of them will best work on you. However, if you think you are confused and overwhelmed with all the types of retirement plans you have found, then you must consider hiring a financial or retirement plan advisor to help you out.

Start Saving Money Seriously

When you promise yourself to save money, then do it with dedication and discipline. Retiring is not all about sitting on your couch, watching movies, eating delicious foods and waiting for money to miraculously come in. When you retire you should have enough money to sustain your needs all throughout your life even if you do not work. And that would only be possible if you will start saving money as early as now. 

But how much money do you have to save? Well, there are a lot of formulas online to calculate how much money should you have when you retire. You can utilize those ways and techniques but if you find them complicated it is better to seek advice from experts like the financial advisors.

Find a good investment

Having a good investment equates to a better income of money. As early as now, you have to reflect and think of something that you may invest in. You may consider investing in retirement plans, real estate, trade commodities, and buying stocks in a stock market. You can also do some business that you think you can perfectly start with like owning a pet shop, a small restaurant or a convenience store.

It may require a lot of money to invest on something but it is a great way of building your wealth in the future.

Live a simple life

If you want to retire early then you have to sacrifice your luxurious  life and start having a simple one. You cannot successfully save for your future if you keep wasting money on things that you do not really need. Forget about stress shopping, night outs, expensive restaurants, vices or whatsoever that triggers you to spend for no valid reason. Yes, you might have enough money to fund your personal desires but it would be better if you will just save those for future use. I am not saying that rewarding yourself is prohibited,  just use your money wisely and appropriately

A simple life isn’t boring anyway. You can always make it adventurous and meaningful without spending more than you can.

Get a health insurance plan

It sucks  to imagine if all the money that you have saved to enjoy life will later on be spent on hospital bills and medical expenses. That is why, as young as you are and as early as now, you have to get a good health insurance plan. 

A health insurance plan will give you financial protection when time comes and you get sick or injured. It will save you from paying unexpected and high medical expenses. Aside from that, there are a lot of health insurance plans that can give you so much benefits and will help you prevent and manage certain health conditions by providing vaccination, scans and screenings, and even annual check-ups.


All that have been mentioned are just tips on how an individual can fulfill his or her goal of retiring early. Do not get mad or frustrated if you think those tips are impossible or unrealistic. We understand that everyone has their own phases and timeline in life. With your current condition, you may not really afford to follow all of those tips that were mentioned.

However, one thing is for sure, if you want an early retirement you really have to plan, sacrifice some things and discipline yourself. Good things do not come  instantly. You really have to work  for them. Endure now and enjoy the rest of your life later. 

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