Feng Shui 2021: Solutions and success awaits us all next year

The year 2020 has been a tragic period for us all. Many lives have been wasted and sacrificed because of various conflicts, misunderstandings, irresponsibility, and negligence. 

The 12 months of year 2020 are long enough to make us all fed up with the destructive impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, natural catastrophes like typhoons, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, crimes, and definitely even political mess that exploited how rotten our respective systems are. 

The good news is only a few days from now, we are finally about to end this year that suffocated us all with problems and negativities. But the question is, will we be able to breathe well once we enter the brand-new year 2021?

What is the zodiac sign of the year 2021?

According to Feng Shui experts, the year 2021 is the year of the metal ox which is known to be methodical in Chinese Zodiac signs. An Ox is the second among the 12 zodiac signs after the rat thus Chinese Astrologers believe that the year of the metal ox is the owner of reconstruction, after finishing a 12-month cycle.

An ox is considered as a valued animal in Chinese culture because of its important role in agriculture. Experts say that an ox is hardworking, honest, and intelligent in nature.

What to expect in 2021?

Just like what has just been mentioned, the year of the metal ox is the owner of reconstruction. This means that various problems, conflicts, and misunderstandings will find their solution in 2021 if only if there is discipline. All that have been destroyed, lost, and pulled down in 2020, will finally discover new ways on how to get back on track.

Just like for example, when it comes to the economic crisis brought by the pandemic, Feng Shui experts say that countries and their leaders will have the eagerness to consolidate their powers and capabilities in 2021 to recover and flourish their economy once again. Many would also draw more attention to agriculture, environmental protections, and housing constructions. Chances for the majority of the countries in getting effective vaccines for the deadly COVID-19 is very high.

Year 2021, will also be the year for all of us to reap all of our hard work. With considerable effort and determination with our work, we will surely be rewarded next year. Although, the year of the metal ox would increase the weight of our responsibilities in life, at the end it will be a successive year for us all as long as we do our best to accomplish our tasks and reach our goals.

No explosive or disastrous events are expected to happen next year but various career opportunities are bound to happen thus it is a great time for everyone to restore their strengths and recover from various problems.

How to attract more luck in the year 2021?

According to Feng Shui experts, in order to bring more fortune in one’s life it is important to use metal things or accessories. Metals in Feng Shui, are believed to improve health in terms of sleep, weight control, reproduction or conception, social relationships, and longer prosperity. It is also used to block any financial leaks and bad luck that can lead to a tragic future.

The lucky colors including white, blue, yellow, green can also be utilized to attract success and good luck. Avoidance of the colors red and brown will also help. The lucky numbers are 1, 4, 7, 9, 12, 21, 34, and 42 whereas the unlucky ones are 3 and 6.

An important reminder for you

Feng Shui beliefs are for you to trust or not. Feng Shui readers are not fortune tellers after all, they are just giving guides on what kind of atmosphere is waiting for us next year. It is heart whelming to know how optimistic our year 2021 would be. Believing will cause no harm but you must bear in mind that success and good things in life comes at the right time and only to those who work for it.

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