Little girl donates vegetables after getting 1 biscuit in community pantry


"Children are naturally kind."

This quotation has been proven by a young girl named Aya who donated vegetables after asking for a biscuit in a community pantry in front of their home.

According to Twitter user @juneerubyjane, Aya came to their small pantry and asked for permission if she can have one of the biscuits on the table.

They then gave the child the biscuit that she asked for without hesitation. In return, Aya thanked them and directly went home with joy.

In @juneerubyjane's surprise, Aya went back to them bringing some vegetables such as malunggay, sayote, and kamote as her donations.

"Second day ng aming maliit na community pantry. This little girl passed by and asked for a biscuit. Binigyan naman namin siya. She said thank you, and left. After a couple of minutes, bumalik siya, tumatakbo, excited, nakangiti. May dala-dala na siyang malunggay!" wrote @juneerubyjane.

"Sabi niya bigay na daw yon kasi marami sa bahay nila. Also bumalik pa siya ng ilang beses, nag donate pa siya ng mga patola at kamote galing sa garden sa lola niya," the twitter user added in a thread.

With the generosity and kindness the child showed, many are amazed and inspired in helping other people as well. Many said that if a child who does not even have the  financial capacity can extend her hand to people in need, what more are the adults.

As the line goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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