Ai-ai Delas Alas and husband Gerald Sibayan plan to have baby this year thru IVF

Comedy Queen Ai-ai Delas Alas, 56, together with her husband Gerald Sibayan, 27, revealed that they are planning to have a baby this year.

In a GMA TV program "Tunay na Buhay,”  the couple revealed that they have been planning to have a baby  through in-vitro fertilization or IVF.

They started the process in 2017 and right now they already have an embryo.

Although the two did not disclose much information about their plan, they shared that they are expecting to successfully have the baby this year.

IVF is an alternative process of fertilization where the egg cell and the sperm cell are combined in a petri dish rather than inside the woman's body.

Ai-ai and Gerald tied the knot in the year 2017 after three years of being a couple. Just last April, they celebrated their 7th anniversary as a couple.

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