Government gives back to indigent seniors with Social Pension


The Social Pension for Indigent Seniors Act, Republic Act (RA) No. 11916, which became ineffective on July 30 will be under investigation by the Senate.

According to the bill's primary author, Senator Joel Villanueva, RA 11916 is also the best gift the Marcos administration can give to the approximately four million Filipinos who are 60 and older. He calls it a "great legacy" of the 18th Congress.

It's time to give back, according to Senator Sonny Angara, to the industry that has made numerous contributions to society.

He pledged that the Senate would see to it that the law that quadrupled the PHP500 monthly pension is put into effect.

"We are thankful that the measure seeking to add social pension for our senior citizens was already passed into law, making it PHP1,000 per month," Angara said in a statementead of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the National Commission of Senior Citizens, which will be under the Office of the President, will distribute the pension.

According to co-author Senator Grace Poe, with the approval of RA 11916, the government is now enabling seniors to receive better health and life care.

"Aside from a higher pension, an important aspect of this law is its adaptive character which allows for an adjustment of the social pension, if necessary, every two years subject to review and consultation and taking into account the prevailing consumer price index," Poe explained in her manifestation.

Poe thanked her colleagues for supporting RA 11916, especially Villanueva whom she said would have a "meaningful birthday celebration".

"Happy birthday indeed. It is already a law, doubling the pension of indigent senior citizens. Praise God!” Villanueva said in a statement.

Poe also expressed the appreciation of the Senate to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for recognizing and responding to older folks' concerns.

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