DSWD Sec.Tulfo apologized to parents, student who did not received cash aid

Erwin Tulfo, secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, made an apology on Saturday to the students, as well as their parents and guardians, who were refused financial aid for their education despite waiting in line at the Batasan Complex in Quezon City.

"We apologize. We are finding solutions. We are recalibrating, adjusting the educational assistance." Tulfo said.

Tulfo said the DSWD is planning to issue the cash aid to the local government offices.

"Probably next weekend we will need some help. We will bring the assistance down to the municipality, but not in the barangay because the barangay requires indigency, which the people do not want." He said.

"With the supervision of DSWD personnel, educational assistance will still be available in the municipality so people could just go there." He added.

Some students lined up at the DSWD Central Office as early as 5 o'clock with their parents or guardians. to ensure they will reach the deadline on Friday.The Batasan-San Mateo Road was finally reached by the lines because they were so long.

The agency will provide financial aid to needy students every Saturday until September 24. Tulfo previously announced this.

According to Tulfo, the DSWD will award P1,000 to elementary students, P2,000 to students in high school, P3,000 to those in senior high school, and P4,000 to those enrolled in college or vocational programs. According to him, each household is allowed three beneficiaries.

Those who want to use the aid merely need to bring their school ID and their enrollment certificate.

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