This student has no hands and feet but still finished studies with honors


If you have the Tiktok application you surely know that it is Aldrin Pawa, 24 from Palawan. He has 2 million followers and almost 23 million likes on Tiktok. She often shares on her Tiktok account her dance moves and the events in her life and how she does things like writing, self -feeding and so on.

Many are inspired and happy with him but it is also inevitable that someone will also bashed him. "Every time someone bash me, I get hurt, I feel like my confidence has been affected. I'm getting down on myself, but that's not a reason for me to get down or give up."

Because of this, Aldrin is trying harder to study and now he has graduated from senior high school as an honor student.

"Umulan man o mainit...minsan sa sobrang init nagkakaroon ako ng nana sa tuhod kakalakad. Lahat yan tiniis ko, pinagtiyagaan ko para mapatunayan ko sa sarili ko na itong ‘PUTOL’ na tinatawag nila ay makakapagtapos ng pag-aaral." Aldrin Said.

Aldrin plans to go to college and take an education course. That is why he does everything to fulfill his dreams and to bring inspiration to those like him who are also disabled.

"I just want to show the world that even though I'm like this — I don't have hands, I don't have feet — I'm just showing the talent I have. I want to inspire people like me with disabilities that no matter what their disability is, it should be a motivation to them." Aldrin said.

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