Honest costumers viral for not stealing even once in Rosario Honesty store in Cavite

Since Wilfredo Perlas started his honesty store three months ago, it has not gone bankrupt. Wilfredo, also known as Papa Dudut, built the Rosario Honesty Store under a tree in Isla Bonita, Rosario, Cavite.

He started it after his tricycle that he was using to sell goods broke down. He fixed his wares at a stall on Isla Bonita.

Meanwhile, Wilfredo was hired as a cook in the mayor’s office so he had to leave his store. On a white paper, it read “Rosario Honesty Store.”

It will be noted that each product name and its prices are listed. The price of coffee, milk, soy, vinegar, and other cooking ingredients is written on a large white paper. Vegetables and fruits are also sold and how much per kilo is indicated.

Wilfredo even has amusing reminders to those trying to steal from his store. Here's an example: “If you think you can steal — you're wrong because you can't escape my friend's gossip.” There's another reminder: "Be honest with the purchase not to get cursed  in the end."

Wilfredo's customers are individually involved in buying, weighing, paying, and getting change. For the past three months the Rosario Honesty Store has been effective. Wilfredo is also confident in his store.

He said, “I know what's missing, so I know what's for sale. They are honest, "Wilfredo earns PHP1,200 to PHP1,400 per day. His investment is PHP17,500.

In the report, a resident said Wilfredo was a good person and sociable, so his customers enjoyed his store. Another resident said he was afraid to do bad things so he was honest when shopping at the honesty store.

Wilfredo reminded customers, "I hope people are kind to others so that other people who visit us can follow our example." Wilfredo wants his honesty store to grow.

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