Comedian Caloy "Ogag" Alde passed away at 60 years old

The Philippine showbiz lost another talented comedian, It has been confirmed for the people who's close to Caloy that the comedian has died at age of 60. 

They called him as "The Mr.Bean of the Philippines," Caloy is famous for being called "Ogag" after playing roles on TV% with the same title.

Rhoda Porral-Alde and his son Marley Alde, have yet say anthing about the death of aktor- comedian, The mother of the family changed her profile picture on facebook to black.

She also shared a photo on facebook and the post said " My heart is heavy. I'm tired of pretending I'm okay when I'm not. Dear God, please give me your strength to survive this storm. Amen."

Caloy's co-worker from the showbiz industry also shared their remembrance and condolences for the family of Caloy. Some of the supporters of Ogag thanked Caloy for all the laughs. 

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