Nun makes Tiktok video, spreading inspiration and good vibes

The nun gets viral on social media because she entertains her audience by dancing and giving inspiration to everyone and she posted in Tiktok App.

"It is hard to find a vocation that is why i need to enter their world, especially the young people, I have an idea on how to spread good vibes, That is why i downloaded Tiktok app, I knew that some of the young people waste their time in watching videos on Tiktok. " Sister Marlyn Mambusao said.

Moreover, her videos it is not all about dancing while sitting but most of her contents are sharing religious stuff in her Tiktok account.

Sister Marilyn admitted that she is not great when it comes to dancing therefor she is sitting when dancing.

"I received a lot of message it is not just all about being a nun but they asked to give advice spiritually for young ages. Then I realized that my idea is effective because many people are touched especially the younger generation." Sister Marilyn said.

Sister Marilyn also says before she decided to do it. her main plan is just to make Tiktok account. She requested first a permission to superior and she is happy with the result.

"It is modern nowadays and mostly younger generation is more attracted to technology instead to lived with the priest and nun" According to sister Marilyn.

Since pandemic started in our country, congregation for becoming priest and nun are decreasing. Sister Marilyn described herself as cheerful and always smiling.

"My mood when I face a lot of people, Its like I already know that person, I feel that person is really closed to me." Sister said.

"If you love your vocation, if you love what you are doing then you will be happy. Even if it is hard, even though the routine is boring and tasks is hard to accomplish, everything is for the Lord that's why Sister Marilyn advised is all about on vocation.

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