This single mom achieves her 2-storey dream house for P700,000


A single mom from Cebu is now inspiring a lot of independent parents all over the world as she shared her new achievement and that is being able to build her dream house using her hardly earned money.

Wendee Arriesgado, a mom of three, managed to have a two-storey house while providing the needs of her children alone. In total, she spent P700,000 in building her dream home and none of her budget came from financial loans.

According to Wendee, it took her extreme discipline to be able to achieve her dream but all her struggles and sacrifices later on became worth it as her family finally has something that they can call their own.

“For many years, andoon kami sa Cebu City nakatira.

"All those years, kailangang magbayad ng rent, kailangang magbayad ng amortization.

“So, I thought na it did not work for me kasi I have three kids.

"Solo parent ako... mag-isa lang akong nagwo-work for the family, breadwinner.

“So, I’ll think about building a house here sa probinsya kasi malapit sa beach.”

The single parent started building her house with an initial fund of P200,000. When she ran out of budget, Wendee had to stop the construction. 

Because of her eagerness to finish her house, she worked very hard and did a lot of side hustles so she could save enough money to continue what she started. 

"Talagang project sa side, side hustle naman, or kukuha ng ibang projects overtime."

“Hanggang sa nakaipon ako ng just enough. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, ‘I think makakabili na ako ng materials nito. Mauumpisahan na naman yung project.’”

Wendee also looked for a supplier for construction materials who can give her a flexible payment scheme. Fortunately, she found one and she was able to complete the house.

For single parents like her, Wendee encouraged them to stay disciplined and focused on their goal because if they do, sooner or later they will surely get what they aspire for.

"You have to really discipline yourself, and you have to make it happen, and you have to focus if you want to have that future, na wala kang babayaran, if you want that house built.”

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