This deaf man proves that disability is not a hindrance to persevere in life

A deaf man from Manila is now trending online because of his determination to work and persevere in life despite his disability.

The man is selling Milo shaved ice along España Boulevard in Sampaloc, Manila.

He was spotted by Ian Jasper Amanonce on May 31. On the same day, Ian decided to take some photos of the vendor  and upload them to  social media to "boost his sales."

"I see a lot of tweets and retweets saying they’ll buy to Kuya if they saw him and some of them even share their experience with Kuya," Amanonce told the Philippine STAR.

Based on the photos, the PWD is selling three varieties of product with prices ranging from P20 up to P60.

In his cart, a tarpaulin that reads “I am dead if I don’t respond it is because I can’t hear you,” is hanged to inform his customers about his condition.

As of writing, Amanonce's tweet have reached  24,400 likes and almost 7,000 retweets.

"That’s one of the thing I love about the Internet; if they see something that inspires them, they share it with others so other people will be inspired as well," said Amanonce.

"Let’s keep this kind of internet-healthy-environment instead of sharing fake news, share something that is inspiring para angat buhay lahat," he added.

Source: Philippine Star

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