Pinay teen allegedly beats Albert Einstein's IQ level

A Filipina teenager has achieved an extraordinary feat as she is said to beat the intelligence quotient of the well-known genius, Albert Einstein.

The news about the 13-year-old then Mia Golosino has spread on various sites and social media platforms in 2020. 

According to the reports, Mia and her parents, Mary and Jose, who are living in the United Kingdom knew that the teenager has a higher than usual IQ level when her admission to Aylesbury High School was rejected due to "oversubscription."

Mia's parents really wanted her to study in the said institution that is why they made an appeal and had her test her IQ level in Mensa International, a non-profit organization that consists of individuals who got a 98 percent or more on their IQ test.

After a series of tests, Golosino has been found to have an IQ level of 162. This is way higher than the alleged "140" IQ level of Einstein.

Even Mary and Jose were surprised to know that their daughter has an IQ level that only one percent of the population has.

Because of this, Mia received a lot of admissions offers in a lot of schools in the UK but she chose to enter Royal Latin School in Buckingham.

However, according to experts, there is no adequate evidence that could prove that Mia has surpassed the IQ level of the German scientist.

As Mensa Internation told Rappler on October 22, 2020, "the alleged IQ of Einstein was estimated long ago by an unknown person based on his achievement.

"These estimates are inaccurate because it isn't known which test he was rated on and different tests have different measurement scales."

Moreover, the claims that Mia has also beat the 160 IQ level of Stephen Hawking is false because the British scientist himself stated in 2018 that he does not know his IQ level.



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