Canadian tourist cancels world tour to donate P1.2-M to a hospital in Ph

Instead of hopping on a luxurious cruise ship for a one-of-a-kind world tour, a Canadian tourist spent his money instead on donating to a hospital in Coron, Palawan after personally experiencing the excellent service of Filipino healthcare workers.

According to reports, Lebanese-born Canadian John Abou-Samra has been saving for a grand cruise as a celebration of his retirement in late 2017. However, his plan changed when he got into an accident in Kayangan Lake, Coron.

“I was walking. Everybody was walking. Suddenly, I tried to turn left to sit down, then two of these pieces of wood, they split out and my right leg sank between them until my hip,” Samra said.

Samra visited the Coron District Hospital the following day after the pain in his legs did not go away. Even though the health facility he went to is not as world-class as the hospitals in his country, he was impressed with how it is maintained and how he has been taken care of by doctors and nurses.

“I went to the hospital, I meet Dr Edgar Flores, he examined me, and then two nurses came to me and they tried to make my legs relax, they cleaned it and everything,” he said.

“I was really impressed with the service and the care from all them – from the doctor to the nurses, the person who pushed the wheelchair to X-ray technician. All of them they were extremely nice to me,” Samra Added.

On top of this warm and excellent service, the doctors did not charge Samra with anything. Samra appreciated this and as his way of giving back, he returned to the hospital the next day bringing the news of him donating some medical equipment in the hospital using the money he was supposed to use for his grand cruise.

Samra turned over ECG machines, automatic voltage regulator, centrifuge, defibrillator, and stethoscope to the hospital using his $23,300 or more than P1.2 million.

Source: Rappler

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