OFW pays P9-M for having his own kid


While many fathers choose to abandon their child and run away from their responsibilities, an overseas Filipino worker from the United Arab Emirates will do everything just to fulfill his dream of having a kid of his own.

In an episode of "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho," Dan Lester Dabon inspired many parent-wannabes as he shared his challenging journey towards fatherhood.

Dan came from a broken family in Davao City. Her mother left him when he was a baby and had no choice but to be under the care of his grandparents who showered him with love.

Because of his hardship, Dan became a successful nurse. He was able to land a great job,  give back to his grandparents, and travel to 35 countries all over the world. However, he still felt incomplete because he wanted to be a father.

To fulfill his dream, he flew to Russia and spent a huge amount of money to have a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

In his first attempt, doctors failed to have a fertilized egg. Dan felt devastated that he even experienced depression causing his immune system to deteriorate.

But because his eagerness to be a father is so strong, he tried regardless if he had already spent P9 million on the IVF process. He was aiming for twins but unfortunately only one zygote developed. Dan was still very happy though because after many nights when he drown himself to tears, a baby is coming into his life.

Just recently, his child was successfully delivered. It is a baby girl and she named it as Danayah Liyah.

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