Chinese officials punished for allowing family violates one-child policy with 15 kids

Eleven Chinese officials were penalized by the authorities in southern China for allowing a couple to violate the one-child policy with their 15 kids over the two decades.

In a statement, the Guangxi government said on Sunday (March 20), Liang Er, 77, and Lu Honglan, 47, from a poverty-stricken village in Rongxian country, Guangxi autonomous region, were able to have four boys and 11 girls between 1995 and 2016 in spite of the existing law on having one child only during the said period.

The couple is not officially registered as husband and wife but they have been living together by their mutual decision. However, suspicions  that Lu might just have been forced to do so  arose after  a  high-profile chained woman case in Jiangsu province  exploited the reality of disadvantaged women, especially in rural China.

According to the regional government, the investigation, "showed that no human trafficking or forced marriage was involved" but a "formalism and bureaucracy" of government agencies and local officials who neglect China's policy for marriage registration and population management hence the punishment of 11 Chinese officials.

As of the moment, the children in the Liang family are all grown up and have obtained their legal identity documents. For are employed while the rest are attending schools.

Source: ABS-CBN

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