Bride wears gold jewelry weighing 60 kilos in her wedding day

Many women wear fancy jewels on their special days, but nothing is more grandiose than the gold ornaments of this bride from Hubei Province, China who wore 60 kilos of jewelry on her wedding day.


As seen on the pictures circulating online, the bride is wearing thick and gold bangles, necklaces and other clothing decorations while his groom is just wearing a simple suit and tie. 


According to reports, the jewellery was gifted to the bride by her husband as a dowry. There were 2 gold bangles and 60 gold necklaces which weigh around one kilogram each.


With the weight that she is carrying, the bride had  difficulty to move and had to seek the groom's help to walk.


In China, gold is being worn as a symbol of goodluck. When a bride receives gold from the family of the groom, it means that she is loved and welcomed.

Source: India Times

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