Beauty queen returns to Ukraine to fight for the country as member of Ukrainian military

From 75,000 Instagram followers, former beauty queen Anastasiia Lenna has now more than 100,000 supporters in her social media account after she exemplified bravery by returning to Ukraine to fight for the freedom of the Ukrainian people.


According to reports, Lenna has joined the Ukrainian military to help the country fight against the aggressive Russia.


"Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!” said the former Miss Grand Ukraine.


Ever since the Russian invasion started, Lenna has been very active in sharing her thoughts about the crises that her home country is suffering.


Lenna is a graduate of marketing and management course froom Slavistick University in Kyiv, Ukraine. She once worked as a translator and PR manager in Turkey - Bodrum, Ankara, and Istanbul.



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