This girl proves that love conquers all and everybody is proud of her!

Many people believe that love is not based on physical appearance. However, only few can prove it because only good looking individuals can catch their attention and of course, their heart.

But not the 23-year-old Phatsara Obnak who loves and embraces Boonme Khanthong, 37, despite his imperfections that not all may not be able to accept.

Khanthong is often bullied because of his unusual appearance brought about his condition. He appears to have a swollen lips and a discolored skin in the lower part of his face and his neck. 

In spite of him being incapable of speaking smoothly and understandably, he was able to capture Obnak's genuine heart. Maybe, because of Khanthong's kindness and pure intention, he was able to make the lady fall in love.

The two developed a special connection to one another that made their feelings to one another grow deeper.

And because of this, Obnak decided to spend the rest of her life with Khanthong, They marry each other in a village in Northeastern, Surin, Thailand.

Obnak is a proof that not all women is after a man's good looking face and that good attitude and behavior is stronger is enough to love a person unconditionally.

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