LOOK: 'Fish rain' showers blessing to fishermen of Antique

Many fishermen from Barangay Malabor, Tibiao, Antique are feeling thankful and blessed for the bountiful blessings that they have received from the sea recently.

From the video shared by Flord Nicson Calawag, it could be seen how a number of “tamban” or herrings are jumping onto the boat as the fishermen pull together their "lambaklad," one of the biggest fish traps that is being used in the province.

Antique is part of Cuyo East Passage, a tuna highway and migratory route of fishes, according to Calawag as he explained why a lot of fishes suddenly appeared.

The fishermen added that it is possible that the tamban are being chased by bigger fishes that is why they have come onto their boats.

But according to a fisheries technologist, due to the Amihan season, planktons, which serve as the food of small fishes like tamban, have proliferated in the fishing area thus many fisher have migrated.

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