Former teacher in the Philippines, now enjoying life as a welder in Canada

Teachers are truly not just limited in the corners of a classroom. They can be anywhere because education happens everywhere. Take as an example the Filipina Shirley Alah who once became a classroom teacher but is now a welder and an instructor in a tank manufacturing company in Canada.

Alah is an educational graduate in the Philippines. She used to teach before but she was forced to stop because of her condition.

According to Alah, she had an infection in her throat. Because of this, she had difficulty speaking and doing her job as a teacher. 

When she once visited Australia, she realized that she could still teach but not as a classroom teacher but as a welder. She thought that she would not have to speak a lot because she just had to demonstrate in front of her students.

With that, Alah worked hard to be a welder until she became an instructor in the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Women’s Center.

In 2017, she went to Canada to pursue her career but things didn't go as they were planned because she found it hard to look for a job in a foreign country.

As a matter of fact, even if she has all the qualifications, she landed on being a cleaner. But later on, her determination was noticed by the “British Columbia for Women in the Trades” and achieved her goal to be an instructor in welding. 

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