Family unable to afford decent funeral for their young boy, disheartened netizens

Many netizens were moved to tears after seeing the body of a lifeless young boy being mourned at their home without a decent funeral.

According to the Facebook post of a Shyne Mel Ortiz, the child was supposed to celebrate his 2nd birthday in March, however, he suddenly passed away on February 8 at around 10:30 pm.

The child was laid on a flat surface, which seemed to be a table, because the family did not afford to buy a casket or get the body embalmed. For the body not to smell, they just surrounded it with several leaves.

"Namatay po kagabi 10:30 😭😭😭 walang wala po sila ni pampakabaong at Hindi PA po nabalsamo ung bata," said Shyne.

The family and relatives of the child recently asked for financial aid so that the child would have a decent funeral. Thankfully, many netizens sent their help through Gcash and prayers.

Many are also suggesting to the family to seek help from their local government unit or running politicians so that they will be given proper assistance.

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