Dad who is a vinegar seller becomes engineer; builds own family's dream house

From selling vinegars in the streets to becoming a successful engineer, this dad was able to build his family a beautiful house that they can call their own home.

The father of three, Rudolfo "Rudy" Sicat was once a vinegar seller, roaming around the streets of Pampanga to offer his product and earn a living, before he became a construction executive. 

According to his son Randall Sicat, his father came from a poor family. To help his parents with their finances and to pay for his schooling, he sells vinegar from San Fernando to Angeles and Mexico, Pampanga.

“Naka-kariton lang po siya noon at tirik ang araw. Ang kwento niya po sa akin ay malaki ang kinikita niya sa pagtitinda, around 90 pesos noong panahon na iyon pero noong kalakasan ay umaabot daw ng 300 pesos,” recalls Randall.

In spite of Rudy not being able to finish his Civil Engineering course on time due to his work, he did not stop from studying until he graduated and took the Civil Engineers Licensure Examination in Manila using his savings earned from selling vinegar.

With his perseverance and faith in God, he became a licensed civil engineer. However, he still had a rough start because a lot of construction companies have underestimated him because of being a graduate from a province.

But since Rudy is driven with his passion, his bosses later on wowed him for being excellent at his work.

After gaining enough experience and knowledge about the industry, Rudy decided he was ready to start his own construction company, hence Rodsy Construction Development Corporation was born.

Rudy was able to build his family their dream house. He was also able to construct a lot of buildings, famous restaurants, hospitals, homes, and even celebrity homes.

Source: Smart Parenting

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