Centenarian chooses to share his blessings to others on his 101st birthday

Many netizens are now amazed with the generosity of a centenarian who chooses to celebrate his 101st birthday by sharing his blessings to people who are in need.

According to Lolo Diego Valuz of Laguna, he has really been planning to give away some goods to other people. 

He is a US pensioner and on his birthday he decided to use his pension helping people who are really in need.

He asked his family to buy him some goods that he can share such as sacks of rice, bread, and chocolates.

Lolo Diego is known on their place as a very kind person. Even when he was young, he loved helping people to the best of his ability.

"Ako'y masayang-masaya dahil alam kong ang Panginoon ang siyang nagpapala sa akin na dapat ko namang ibahagi sa iba ang pagpapala," said Lolo Diego.

The centenarian was a farmer who luckily found his luck in America together with his family. He worked there until he was 90 years old. With his savings, he decided to go home to the Philippines so he can help his fellow Filipinos.

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