Working student who always get low grades becomes a board exam topnotcher

Who would have thought that a student who used to get low grades and almost fail will soon bring pride to his alma mater for being a board exam topnotcher?

This is the story of Jobert Dela Cruz who suffered from a lot of life challenges just to make it possible for himself to finish college.

Jobert was a student from the University of Cebu. He used to work as a carpenter, factory worker, and fast food crew while pursuing college to provide for his needs.

According to him, his first dream is to be a fireman but when he was in third year high school he started aiming to be an engineer because one of his subjects which is Drafting has tickled his interest when it comes to creating architectural plans and miniature houses.

However, due to their financial incapacity, and his unqualified grades, he was not able to enroll to an engineering course immediately. He then took up BS Industrial Technology Major in Civil Technology but later on shifted to a civil engineering course to University of Cebu which does not have a grade requirement.

Jobert admits that because of his part time jobs, he struggled a lot to obtain decent grades.

“Since I am a working student from my first year until I graduated, I have failed some of my subjects and even dropped some.

"Actually, my grades in college are majority 3.0, equivalent to 75%.

“During that time, my only goal is just to pass the subjects even I do not gain much knowledge. I’m always on survival mode.”

But when he graduated, Jobert really focused a lot on studying because he aims to pass the board exam.

“The next morning after I graduated, I open my reviewer books directly, even the formal review is not starting yet.

“I really pushed my limits. I wake up at 7:00 a.m. every day. After having breakfast, practice solving problems, [and] study, study, study until 10:00 p.m.”

There are times that he wants to give up because he cannot solve a lot of math problems but still, he chooses to persevere and do his best for his dream to come true until he sees his name on the list of top 10 board passers.

“I owe this to God. Without Him I am nothing, and, of course, to my loved ones and friends who supported me during my hard times.”

Because of his achievement, Jobert received P100,000 from University of Cebu and P10,000 from the review center that he enrolled in. Right now, he works as a college instructor in his alma mater and also in Gillesania Engineering Review and Training Center (GERTC).


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