Woman survives stage 3 breast cancer, thanks Virgin Mary for her help and guidance

A woman who developed advanced cancer is now beyond blessed and grateful as she claimed to be healed by the deadly disease because of the intercession of Nuestra Señora de la Salud (Our Lady of Health), the other name of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Tita Nene Fernandez said that she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer barely a month after COVID-19 pandemic started. 

In her testimony sent to the San Nicolas Catholic Parish Church in Barangay Bahay Toro in Project 6, Quezon City on November 8, the start of the he annual 9-day Novena of Nuestra de la Salud whose feast day falls on Nov. 17, she asserted that she survive cancer because the Virgin Mary heard her prayer and accompanied her throughout her treatment journey.

“Barely a month after Covid-19 disturbed the world, my personal disturbance came when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer,” Fernandez said.

“My immediate reaction was I will survive this while simultaneously looking at the image of Mama Mary and in my mind told her, ‘I can do this with you’,” she added.

According to her, she initially underwent 12 cycles of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor prior to surgery, and another 30 days of radiation, and 18 more cycles of targeted chemotherapy, bone scan and monthly breast and liver ultrasound and chest x-ray for 18 long months.

Although cancer treatment is painful and financially draining, Fernandez said, “I never felt a day of fear, anxiety and hopelessness during the treatment despite losing my hair, dark and brown nails, and countless discomforts.”

“I simply asked our Lady of Health to help me bear the pain and accompany me in my hospital visits for needed procedure or treatment, and to touch all the results,” she said in her daily prayer.

Now, her medical oncologist told her that she is 99 percent cancer disease free and her recovery went well as if cancer just passed through her quickly.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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  1. Me too, 2018 Oct i was diagnosed st3B endometrial cancer (uterus). I was so devastated.. No symptoms whatsoever.i prayed so hard and lift everything to Most Holy Trinity and Mama Mary.. I went to Padre Pio Chapel in Century City Mall Makati just a stone throw away fr my daughters place where i stayed, to St Peter & Paul Church,Makati, to St Padre Pio in Libis, Nov 17 i undergone total hysterectomy operation in Chinese Gen. I always have wi5h me my Rosary fr Jerusalem given to by my batchmate a yr b4 i was diagnosed, my padre Pio prayer and Sacred Hert of Jesus Novena. Daiky i pray the Rosary.Operation is costly but God is always with me. mid Jan i started my 1st treatment of 25 radiation then March 3 Brachy theraphy.. I har slight discomfort of side effects.. all bec i know God hear all my prayers.. Rested for a month in preparation for my 6 cycle high dose chemotheraphy, i started my 1st chemo on May then i lost my hair and decided to shave June 3. My 2 children only by ny side bec i am a widow for 13 yrs. I was crying then after me my son had his hair shaved also to support me... I finished chemO Sept 20 with slight discomfort again compared to my co cancer in our group "brave cancer warrior" always feeling sad when somebody didnt made it. I kust pray for rheir soul until now bec we're family.Always thank also Saints.. MARTIN DE PORRES, ST PEREGRINE, ST PADRE PIO relics i attended healing mass at UST, Shangrila Chapel & Fishermall, St Camillus relics at San Roque Cathedral Cal. SAN ROQUE, ST JUDE, SAN LORENZO RUIZ, ST ANTHONY DE PADUA relics of St Pope John Paul ll.OUR LADY OF LOURDES SHRINE in Retiro..ST CLAIRE, ST RITA ST THERESE. NOW its more than 3 yrs NED per my Obonco so i need to see him wveey 6 months fo3 monitoring..PER MY cardio also told me hes happy i am now a survivor.. Grateful to the love and faithfullness of God to me. He is my strength, and my provider. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.