Single gay dad adopted a sick child without knowing he will raise an Olympic champion

A single gay man, Jerry Windle, is often told by many that he would never be a father just because of his sexual orientation. He is being constantly reminded that it is impossible for him to be a parent that he believed it and became hard on himself. But one day, a blessing came to his life that fulfilled his dream of having a child of his own.

Jerry's parental journey started because of a magazine story where  he read about the life of orphans in Cambodia. Upon knowing the situation of the abandoned children in the said country, he immediately contacted Cambodian officials to adopt a child.

In June 2000, Jerry went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to fetch his future son, Jordan, whose parents have already died. The situation did not become easy for the dad-wanna-be because during that time Jordan's health was deteriorating as he suffered from malnutrition, scabies, and severe infections.

When Jerry moved Jordan to Florida, things got more complicated because the child turned out to have a lot of health issues. Jerry, during that time, is so worried that Jordan may have not survived, nevertheless he promised to himself that he will take care of the kid with all his best no matter what the circumstances are.

Eventually, Jordan recovered and became as strong as other kids. He has adapted to his new environment and learned the English language which made it for Jerry to communicate with him.

When the kid turned 7, he got an Olympic dream until, through his effort and the support of his dad, he was noticed by big athletes like Tim O’Brien and Greg Louganis and became part of a diving program where he started achieving his successes as an athlete. And now, he represents the US in Olympics and in his heart, even Cambodia.

Jerry could not be more proud and happy with Jordan because he did not only fulfill his dream of becoming a parent but also made him the dad of an Olympic champion.

Source: Bright side

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