Former Pinay nanny in Hong Kong, now the CEO of a private school in Canada

Who would have thought that from being a nanny, a Pinay from Ilocos will soon own a school which will not only cater local students but also international learners.

Former overseas Filipino worker Abby Villanueva is now the president and the chief executive officer (CEO) of a private school in Alberta, Canada.

Before she achieved this massive success, Villanueva shared in her interview with OMNI News that  she worked first as a nanny in Hong Kong for 2 years.

Unlike other OFWs, she is fortunate to have an employer who willingly helped her with her migration to Canada later on.

“She hired me pero ang purpose niya talaga is to make sure na mabibigyan niya ako ng leverage to improve my life in Canada," Villanueva said.

“So, nag-nanny ako ng two years. After that, sinuportahan nila ako to get my open work permit," she added.

Although she was doubtful with her decisions when she was able to move to Canada, she did not stop and even used her background in education to put up her own school.

“I started with one student and one staff. And that staff is me.”

Pero sa maiksing panahon, mabilis na dumami ang mga nagsipag-enroll.

“Currently, we are close to 900 students... for the period of twelve months,” pagbibida ni Abby.

“We have six license courses right now, and we are waiting for ten more to come."

Villanueva's school offers Community Support and Addictions Worker Diploma, Tourism Management Diploma, Pharmacy Assistant, Massage Therapy Diploma, Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma, and Digital Marketing and Web Design Diploma.

And just this 2021, her school was designated as a  learning institution for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This means that they can also accommodate international students who she personally helps in securing their work permit .

For Villanueva, to achieve success one must not be discouraged with his/her failures. They have to “do it again. Climb up the ladder. do it again.”

“Hindi ko matandaan kung ilang beses akong nag-fail in this path, but you know what, you will be successful. Just keep on trying.”


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