Family in Bulacan, achieves life success because of funeral business

Funeral homes and services is one of the businesses that is barely tried by many because of fear and discomfort of dealing and taking care of dead bodies for their burial and cremation. But a family from Bulacan, tried their best to make their business flourish until they became known in their province.

In "Stories of Hope," Ferdinand De Guzman, manager of a funeral home, shared that it was in 1970 when her mother, Norma Villarin-De Guzman started their funeral business.

Nanay Norma then began with a carabao for bringing people on their final rest. Until such time, she was able to obtain a tricycle and later on a funeral car.

Now, Nanay Norma's children are licensed embalmers. Her grandchildren graduated from nursing but they also entered the embalming industry.

Although their business declined when the pandemic started because only few hold burial, they manage to bounce back because many people now are choosing cremation.

Source: GMA News

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