Blind father continues to sell walis tambo on the street to rebuild his house

Netizens were left emotional over the story of an old man from Tiwi, Albay who still works in the street despite his visual impairment.

In the Youtube vlog of vlogger Virgelyncares, Tatay Jimmy can be seen carrying whisk brooms or walis tambo over his shoulders which he sells for P120 to P110.

Although blind, Tatay Jimmy knows where to go and if there is something blocking his way even without a companion.

The old man only earns P12 in every piece of the product that he sells. This is only enough for him to buy himself a meal each day.

Tatay Jimmy is living in the house of his  relatives that is why with his small earnings, he still try to save to rebuild his own house.

With this inspiring story of him, many netizens became emotional and encouraged to give help to Tatay Jimmy even in their own simplest way.

And through Virgelyncares, Tatay Jimmy has already received financial assistance  coming from the cumulative donations of overseas Filipino workers. The vlogger also bought the old man some foods to eat and products to sell to boost his earning.

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