Teacher earns praises from netizens for breastfeeds stranger's baby in the street

Imagine that you are a breastfeeding mom. You know how important breastmilk is for babies but would you ever breastfeed a child of someone that you do not completely know?

Some may probably find the idea odd and may even be hesitant to say "yes" but not to teacher Ihrine Orbita who voluntarily breastfed a baby she saw on her way to a convenience store. 

In an interview with GMA's TV program "On Record," teacher Ihrine shared that she saw the baby crying while being carried by his mom who has a mental illness. She volunteered to breastfeed the child even though the baby and his mother are strangers to her. 

"I decide po na pasusuhin po 'yung bata kasi may gatas pa rin naman po ako. Patuloy po akong nagpa-pump kahit na nasa work ako," said teacher Ihrine.

"Nu'ng kinarga ko po 'yung bata, napakagaan niya. Talagang parang nasa 5 kilograms lang 'yung bata tapos hindi talaga masyadong  maganda iyong kanyang amoy," she added.

To better help the baby and his mother, teacher Ihrine reported their case to the Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) of Buenavista. 

Since the mother is mentally challenged and none of the relatives has the capacity to take care of the baby, the MSWD appointed teacher Ihrine's friend, Mae Asilo, to be the foster parent.

Netizens are very proud and thankful to teacher Ihrine for sparing kindness and for being God’s instrument to help both the baby and the mother receive the care that they deserve.

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