Friend fulfills his drunken promise; buys house for newlywed pals

A newly married woman from Imus, Cavite cannot contain her happiness after his friend fulfilled his drunken promise to help her buy the house that she has been eyeing for a long time.

According to 27-year-old Celyn Ramos, she and her husband were really planning to buy their dream house. As a matter of fact, they have already paid for the downpayment of the house of their choice last year.

Unfortunately, due to financial troubles, the couple find it hard to continue paying for the price of the house.

“All the banks I applied to, either declined or hindi enough ‘yung approved amount. In-house loan has high interest rate so definitely not an option for me,” she wrote in her Facebook  account.

When their wedding day came, a friend of Ramos asked about the status of their house. As a long-time pal, she opened up about their financial problem and when the friend got drunk he promised that he will help them out with it.

“Give me a few days and I will give you a cheque worth the price of the house so you can pay in cash,” their friend said.

Ramos did not believe her friend's promise but after some few days she and her husband really received a check.

“We were really shocked na he gave us a cheque ng ganung halaga. We hurried our way to the bank para ma-process... then I hurried to the developer’s office to inform them na we will pay in cash,” she said. 

The money that her friend lends to them has only a 1 percent interest rate. With this, Ramos is very grateful to her friend who has been kind to her family and to her husband ever since.

Source: Philippine Star

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