Actress Gladys Reyes, kept her promise to "grand exit" for her late father

Gladys Reyes promised her late father Sonyer Reyes, that she would give him a beautiful hill until his burial. Thursday morning, while she was on her way to Bulacan for the taping of Pepito Manaloto, Ang Unang Kuwento, October 28, was his father’s last lamay, so he begged the production to pack him up early.

Gladys' father is buried at Paket Santiago Funeral Homes on Marcos Highway, Antipolo City. Former sympathizers and flowers from their Executive Minister, colleagues in Iglesia ni Cristo, and close friends in showbiz and politics continued.

"I told my Dad, I'll give him a grand exit," Gladys texted me. He can do this with the help of their colleagues in Iglesia ni Cristo and some other relatives and friends.

“I checked his memorial plan, I didn't type. When I replace the coffin, I will add another 200 thousand pesos.

“You know, Kuya Gorg, my relative suddenly texted me. He is from Pampanga, he has a funeral parlor.

“They offered the coffin from the US. They said they were unboxing, they sent me a picture of the coffin on Viber, it's nice! It was worth 650K, they said it was a gift to Papa. Isn't it? God is good!

"I don't have to spend much, because blessings are coming," he added in a text to me.

He said he bought land for a burial ground but it was far away. He said he was beautiful in the Garden of Gethsemane in Antipolo when he was able to tap there, so they decided to bury his father there.

He said that Mayor Andrea Ynares of Antipolo helped him arrange the burial, and some other things that were needed. So she is thankful to God that people have come to help her to ease the burden of their grief.

“You know, everything is easy, because a lot of people helped. God equips people to help make everything easier, ”Gladys Reyes texted me.

Gladys is right, there are many angels on earth in times of need. Gladys is kind so her father, whom she loves dearly, will continue to guide her. May this serve as a good example to our children whose parents are still alive.

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