Rez Cortez to undergo surgery for suspected liver cancer

Actress Cai Cortez is asking for prayers for the successful surgery of her father, the veteran actor Rez Cortez.

In an Instagram post, Cai revealed that his father is suspected to have liver cancer.

Rez would undergo the operation to remove a mass found by his doctors.

"Hi po! Please help us pray for daddy's successful surgery. Dad has suspected liver cancer and he will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove the mass," wrote Cai.

"I believe that daddy is strong and his love for his apos will help him recover in no time, but i also know that our prayers and well wishes can help speed things up," she added.

Rez is an action star famous for his villain roles. He is also known as the sidekick of the late Fernando Poe Jr. in many of his films.

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