Young student from Benguet sells organic mushroom to save up for school

Out  of extreme dedication to continue his study, a young student from Sitio Camisong in Loacan, Itogon, Benguet is selling organic mushrooms  to save enough  money to enroll himself in school next academic year.

The kid Jessie Almoza is spending his vacations on the street to offer mushrooms locally known as "boo" to motorcycle riders or anyone passing by.

Almoza went viral in 2020 and got featured in news programs because of his inspiring story.

In his interviews, he shared that he does not have a well-off family and that his father is suffering from a stroke.

His mother and his sibling would usually wake up early in the morning to climb a mountain where they would get the mushrooms.

Almoza said that the money that he earns from his products will be saved so he can buy materials that are necessary for school.

Because of this, many netizens are applauding the young boy. There are also some who are encouraging everyone to support Almoza’s business in any way they can.


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