Netizens amaze over 66-year-old grandpa who still works as call center agent

A 66-year-old man is now viral online because of his strong dedication to work as a call center agent despite his age.

The online seller Maria Therez Causing is the one who shared the story of Willy Bacutan who once became her buyer.

According to Causing, Bacutan purchased her table but what surprised her is the fact that the old man is actually a call center agent.

“He’s already an icon for me.  I wish that computer table would give him so much luck and opportunities as it did to me.“

Bacutan said he will use the working table he bought from Causing while he is working in a work from home setup.

He has already been in the BPO industry for seven years and he is dealing with international accounts.

According to Bacutan, it was not also easy for him to apply for work at first but because he prayed and worked hard for it he was able to land the job which he aimed for.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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