Kris Bernal admits difficulties in keeping her existing businesses to survive


Kris Bernal took to Instagram to say that she is currently in a scenario where her existing businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

Kris said on Instagram that she had been working on a "new business idea" throughout the lockout.

"So much in my mind. But behind my 'pigang-piga' creative juices, I'm currently at a situation too where it's so difficult for my existing businesses to survive," she captioned on Instagram.

The shops are still open, and Kris claims to have "great customer loyalty." She said, however, that she lacked "the number of folks I needed for a day to keep my 17+ employees."

All of these circumstances, according to the actress, have been weighing her down recently, giving her sleepless nights. "Plus, the news gets worse every day," she added.

Kris said she's trying to "ease way in the discomfort by spending wholesome moments with my mom and brother at home."

"I miss my fiancé too whom I haven't seen in over a month," she added.

Kris runs two businesses: SHE Cosmetics, a beauty line, and "House of Gogi," an Unli Korean BBQ restaurant.

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