Jonel Nuezca to face 40 years imprisonment after convicted guilty for double murder

The police officer who brutally killed his neighbors Sonya Gergorio and her son Frank Anthony Gregory is about to face 40 years of imprisonment after being convicted guilty of double murder on Thursday (August 26).

For each  account of murder, former Staff Sergeant Jonel Nuezca was sentenced to reclusion perpetua or up to 40 years imprisonment by the Paniqui Regional Trial Court Branch 106.

"A 'shoot first, think later' disposition occupies no decent place in a civilized society. Never has homicide or murder been a function of law enforcement,"  said Judge Stella Marie Gandia-Asuncion in her 18-page decision.

"The attack made by the accused was so swift and sudden that the victims were not able to defend themselves. The shots fired were made in quick succession. Hence, the attack made it treacherous," she wrote.

Apart from this, Nuezca who also previously faced homicide raps, six cases of grave misconduct, demotion over robbery and extortion charger,  was also ordered to pay P952,560.

It could be recalled that the former policeman was dismissed from the service after he shot Sonya and Frank on December 20, 2020 in Paniqui Tarlac due to their heated argument stemming from the  firing of a PVC cannon or boga by the Gregorios.

Source: CNN

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