Father finishes college while working as carpenter, farmer, laborer to feed his family

A father from Claveria, Misamis Oriental has finally unlocked one of his goals after graduating from college while juggling his jobs at the same time to support the needs of his family.

According to uploader Ading Salvane, Tatay Jerome Velez is a father of four. He works as a carpenter, farmer, and a laborer but still managed to finish school with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

“I met him in my 3rd year in college in one of my class during Saturdays. He asked me if I knew how to answer our seatwork and apologized for asking about it. When I looked at him, he was very tired and shaking (maybe because of hunger). He was a very shy person. He doesn't look at you straight in the eye when he talks and will always bow down his head while walking,” Salvane wrote on Facebook on June 17.

“He works in the day and goes to school at night. When I say he works, he works really hard. He once worked as a maintenance in the pineapple fields of Del Monte. Imagine the scorching heat of the sun or the cold pour of the rain yet he still managed to go to school at night,” she added.

However, when the pandemic started, Tatay Jerome had some uncertainty whether he would be able to continue his study given the fact that he does not have a mobile gadget and Facebook account to go online and communicate.

Fortunately, he has kind classmates who helped him pass the requirements needed for their school and eventually became one of the graduating students of Tagaloan Community College.

Now, many are being inspired with his story for Tatay Jerome is the one of the reminders in life that anything is possible as long as you work hard for it and have faith in yourself and in God.

Source: Philippine Star

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