Nadine Samonte remains strong despite struggles in her 3rd pregnancy

Actress Nadine Samonte is staying strong and faithful to fight for her third child in spite of the daily struggles she experiences due to her medical conditions.

Samonte has PCOS and APAS which bring complications to her pregnancy. As a matter of fact, because of these medical conditions, she almost lost her baby during her first trimester.

Nevertheless, the actress is still thankful for seeing her baby grow and for being able to surpass the challenges that she experiences day by day.

“Everyday is a struggle but it's more of a blessing. Feeling my tummy grow everyday is what I'm thankful for. Thank you Lord for our 3rd baby. Yes I still have PCOS and mostly APAS,” wrote Samonte in her IG post last Monday (July 5) where she showed her tummy full of bruises.

“This journey is particularly different from my 2 kids. We almost lost our baby during my first trimester but with God's grace and Guidance hindi nya kami pinabayaan. God is Good,” she added.

Samonte shared that she may have shed a lot of  tears in her pregnancy journey but  she will never lose her battle for the sake of her soon-to-be 3 children. She even cheered up other women who also suffer from the same disorders as hers.

“Not complaining but hey I can say i'm one strong momma here fighting for my babies. Ang dami kong iniyak sa journey na to hehe pero I won't give up EVER! I'll fight and stay strong for them!!! Go APAS and PCOS mommas out there. Kaya natin to,” she said.

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome  is a hormonal disorder that affects the normal function of the ovaries. Meanwhile, APAS or antiphospholipid syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that causes excessive clotting of blood most commonly in the legs and other organs like kidneys, lungs, and more.

Both conditions can most likely cause miscarriage during the early months of pregnancy.

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